Gold Savannah

Savannah Gold Savannahs

Our Savannah Cats have very loving and outgoing personalities.  Savannahs are highly intelligent cats and learn quickly. Most of them love to explore the outside on a leash, or play outside in the safety of an enclosed area. Some love to play fetch and follow their favorite person around like a dog throughout the house. A Savannah expects to be a family member that is involved in every activity, rather than being just a usual house pet. They definitely love water and have surprised us often with spontaneous visits in the running shower. If you are looking for a loving companion or a forever friend, a Savannah Gold savannah is the pet for you. 

The Savannah gold promise

At Savannah Gold our cats health and well being are our top priority. We promise to provide you a healthy well socialized kitten. We vaccinate our kittens before they go to their new homes and provide a health certificate.



Tampa Bay Area, Florida


Tel: (727) 858-5309


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