Gold Savannah


Nova: F1 Queen

Nova, our F1 Savannah queen, is a breathtaking beauty with a tawny golden coat, dark black spots, and striking serval-like ears. Her wonderful personality radiates warmth, playfulness, and regal charm, making her a truly exceptional and cherished part of our Savannah family.

Luna: Savannah Queen

Luna, our Savannah queen, possesses a celestial beauty with her  silver fur and inky black spots. Her captivating presence and desirable traits are sure to be passed on to her future kittens, making her a true star among Savannah cats.

Ashley: Savannah Queen

Our dark silver Savannah Ashley possesses a striking and captivating appearance that leaves a lasting impression . Her coat is sleek and adorned with bold black spots andding an air of mystery and elegance to her demeanor. The contrast between the dark silver background and the deep black spots creates a mesmerizing pattern that accentuates her graceful physique. Its black nose, prominent and refined, complements the overall beauty of her face, while her perfectly shaped head and well-proportioned ears contribute to her regal charm. Ashley is a magnificent feline that exudes confidence and grace.


Ginger is our stunning tawny brown Savannah queen, passing on her exquisite colors and charming temperament to her Savannah Gold kittens. She is the heart of our breeding program, ensuring the legacy of beauty continues in future generations.

Mila: F2 Savannah Queen

Mila is a beautifully spotted F2 Savannah queen, gracefully embodying the blend of wild and domestic traits. With her striking appearance and affectionate nature, she is a cherished member of our breeding program, promising to enhance the Savannah breed with her offspring.

Gypsy: F1 Savannah Queen

Gypsy is an extraordinary F1 Savannah queen, embodying the spirit of her serval ancestors. With her captivating appearance, adventurous nature, and affectionate demeanor, she plays a vital role in our breeding program, passing on her unique traits to future generations.

ZINA: F2 Savannah Queen

Zina is a stunning F2 Savannah queen, exuding the elegance and allure of a serval. With her captivating spots and affectionate nature, she plays a vital role in our breeding program, passing on her beauty and serval-like traits to future generations.


Bruce is a remarkable Savannah stud with a cool-colored coat and striking large gold eyes. His gentle nature and captivating appearance make him a valuable asset to our breeding program, passing on his beauty to future generations.

THOR: Savannah STUD

Thor is a stunning and regal Savannah cat stud with a cool-colored coat. His beauty and exceptional temperament make him a valuable addition to our breeding program, ensuring his offspring carry on his elegance and type.

LOKI: Savannah STUD

Loki, the Savannah Cat stud, boasts mesmerizing cool colored fur with bold black spots, reflecting his wild heritage. His graceful form and playful, affectionate nature make him an enchanting addition to our breeding program.

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